C & C Spa Inc.
Professional Mobile Massage Therapy

Meet Our Team!

 Claudia Livia - FL License No. MA-96091 

Hello! I'm Claudia, the President of C&C Spa Inc! I have been certified since 2011. Over the time since I was licensed, I've worked with many respected therapists and was infected with their passion for treating patients with therapeutic massage.

I have learned to blend the most effective techniques for tailoring sessions to individual needs and preferences, providing treatments unique to each of my patients. I am experienced in serving a diverse clientele, skilled in a number of techniques, and passionate about health and wellness.



 Jessica Crawford - FL License No. MA99639

I was drawn to the art of healing touch at a young age and began by offering massage and energy work to friends. I have now been practicing massage therapy professionally for 15 years and continue to master this gift with advanced training and workshops in a vast array of modalities. I have developed excellent skills in deep tissue and sports therapeutic bodywork, having been a competitive gymnast myself with both a hands-on and experiential understanding of the intricate workings of the human body. My intention with each session is to offer precisely what my client needs in the present moment to move through any pain, injury, or blockages that might be there    activate the healing power within and access the state of balance and bliss that is our birthright.


Ambrosia Wilder - FL License No. MA 99189

My name is Ambrosia Wilder. I have over 12 yrs experience as a massage therapist. I specialize in Swedish and deep tissue treatments. My faith is very strong, and I wholeheartedly believe my hands were given to me to heal, and I've spent many years trying to live up to that purpose!





Judith Mach - FL License No. MA 99240

Hello! I'm Judith and I am looking forward to helping you relax your worries away and heal your body naturally!   I specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stones. I'm more than comfortable with providing excellent aromatherapy during our sessions, and I'm more than content to play your choice of relaxing music during treatment. 





Amanda Hernanadez-Claudio-FL License No. 93367

 Hello, my name is Amanda, I have been in the massage industry for 5 years helping and healing spiritually and physically those in need, I started at a very young age by my mother, she suffers from arthritis and she taught me how to give hot stone massage, and by just seeing her relieved and happier, made me think that I should do this to everyone, since I love seeing people smile, I started from family, to friends and then to the people I love and care for, I grew up with a natural touch, People told me to go study at a massage school since I have great hands, so I did and I love the experience and the profession, also the smiles of the people is what inspires me to do more.
I attended SOCHI (Southern California Health Institute) I did 1000 hours in total, I had my first spa experience at my university with a star rating system. I started in a chiropractic clinic, I did a lot of medical massages, like stretching and myofascial release. I had a repeated and frequent clientele. I specialize in relaxing massages, deep tissue massages, hot stone massages, therapeutic massages.


David Cardenas- Fl License No. 99191

Hello,my name is David Cardenas, I’m a certified massage therapist since 2017, I love and respect this amazing profession and I will always do my best to make you feel better and improve your wellness and health quality through my touch. I’m looking forward to assist you 





Patricia Phakildes- FL License No. 96996

Patricia (Trisha) Phaklides graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College in 2003 with a Master of Science Degree in Oriental Medicine. She worked at one of the busiest clinics in the country where she was treating between 30-60 patients per day with the help of support staff. During that time, she started formulating the idea that our night dreams are related to our health. After interviewing thousands of patients, she wrote her book called “Your Health Nanny.”

In addition to her extensive career as a health practitioner, she also has a background in personal fitness training and owned a franchised health club. With her experience in helping bodybuilders with fitness and nutrition to achieve their goals, she took her knowledge a step further with Chinese Nutrition. In addition to doing massage and teaching, she is a personal chef and uses foods to treat patients. With the use of food, instead of acupuncture needles, she can achieve the same (and sometimes better) results improving people’s health.

After performing more than 48,000 acupuncture treatments, Trisha has moved forward to being a massage therapist. Trisha is also a Reiki practitioner and continues to perfect her craft of healing at every opportunity.